Saturday, September 10, 2011

Postcard from Vogler's Cove

Back in August, I shared an old photo by Dobson & Co. Portraits of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, that I picked up in an antique shop.

I also bought an old postcard on the same day. The front of the card -- "Greetings from Vogler's Cove Canada" -- immediately caught my eye because I'm descended from the Vogler family (Johann Heinrich Vogler was a Prussian who came to Nova Scotia in 1752 as part of the Foreign Protestant migration).

The message on the back is addressed from Jas. Vogler (only adding to my interest) to Mr. Alex. Conrad, Halifax N.S., Victoria General Hospital (the latter scratched out and replaced with "Try Voglers Cove") and postmarked February 1913. There's also a February 13 1913 date stamp, probably placed there by someone in the hospital mail room.

The message reads as follows:

     Dear Sir:---
                      I am very glad to hear that you are
     getting along so well. Hope you will soon be able
     to come home. We miss you very much. All are
     well at home.
     Yours truly Jas. Vogler

There seem to be many James Voglers kicking around in 1913, so I don't know the identity of the sender or of the recipient. But the words suggest a possible family relationship ("We miss you very much").

As with other family mysteries, I'm hoping someone will read this and fill in the missing bits.

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