Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dobson Strays in Redcar, Yorkshire

I've come across a handful of old photos that I need help with. All feature Dobson men of Redcar and, though I have their names, I can only guess how they might fit into my family tree.
Dick Dobson (standing) and friend

First up is Dick Dobson (right). I don't know the date of the photo, but Dick is the one standing. The seated man is a complete unknown.

I can't say for certain, but, based on available information, he may be Richard Dobson, a long-time ironstone miner, born 1853 to George Dobson and Elizabeth Taylor and married to Angelina Bratt.

"Lucky Dick" Dobson (left) and Alan Picknett (right)
flank the catch of the day
Next is another Dick Dobson, a.k.a. Lucky Dick (left). He's the one with the beard. The other man is Alan Picknett. The original photo is in the Kirkleatham Museum and is dated circa 1920.

My best guess is that he's Richard Dobson (1864-1944), lifetime fisherman and son of John Dobson Sr. and Mary Jane Buckton.

Dick "Dicky Switch" Dobson (facing camera)

Third photo includes yet another Dick Dobson, a.k.a. Dicky Switch (right). This one's dated sometime in the 1930s. Dicky's the one facing the camera.

He may be the son of Richard Dobson and Angelina Bratt (above), but there's not enough information yet for a definite ID.

Frank "Tosha" Dobson with a
different sort of seaside catch
   And finally we have Frank "Tosha" Dobson, 1936-1980 (left).
   I know, he breaks the pattern we've set so far. (Maybe the
   cat's name is Dick.)

   I can't even begin to guess who his parents are at this point.

   If you can shed any light on the identities of any of these
   men, please drop me a line. Whether you confirm my
   guesses or set me straight, I want to hear from you.

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