Saturday, August 27, 2011

Diggin' on Stephen Diggedon

In the past week, I've been contacted by two distant cousins looking for information on our common ancestor, Stephen Diggedon.

He's quite the mystery man.

Available records indicate he was born in Nova Scotia, but no one seems to know where. He was married twice, first to Ann Tilley on 3 Oct 1789 then to Mary Hurst on 20 Jun 1809 (both in Guysborough, Nova Scotia). He's listed on the 1795 poll tax and the 1817 "census" for Guysborough (age group 16-50 in the latter case).

And that's it!

I did find reference to Jane and Eleanor Diggedon on a victualling list in Halifax in 1750. That suggests they were either city founders or Foreign Protestants bound for Lunenburg. Whether they're connected to Stephen is yet to be determined, but I think there's a strong likelihood.

Also, Diggadon seems to be a Salem, Massachusetts, name, but further research is required on that score, as well.

Posting Stephen Diggedon's story, threadbare though it may be, is step one in tracking him down. Next, I think it's high time to kick-start the Digdon Message Board (I don't know when it started, but there are exactly zero messages there at the moment). I've also started a Digdon mailing list at Rootsweb as a primary means of reaching out to other Digdon researchers.

As with all family mysteries, I'm open to whatever leads come my way.

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